Three silver lithium-ion batteries and capacitors

Battery and Capacitor Lids

Reliability-critical battery and capacitor applications require rugged, long-lasting packaging designs. Offering durable hermetic protection, glass-to-metal sealing (GTMS) is the technology of choice for lithium primary and industrial-grade lithium-ion battery lids, as well as gas-tight caps for aluminum electrolyte capacitors and ultracapacitors.
Illustrations showing the conventional design and SCHOTT hermetic design of a battery

Eliminating moisture intrusion and electrolyte leakage

SCHOTT Battery and Capacitor Lids are designed to eliminate moisture intrusion and electrolyte dry-out by using an inorganic, non-aging glass seal. Organic polymer and rubber versions are prone to aging in harsh conditions. As a specialty glass expert, we offer customized battery and capacitor GTMS to fit with different electrolytes and/or specific application requirements.

Diagram showing the components of conventional multi-component battery cell lids in comparison to the simple design of SCHOTT Battery Lids

Simple and rugged for more economical battery designs

Inorganic and robust glass-to-metal or aluminum lid designs allow battery developers to reduce the number of parts needed. This enables a simplified lid construction, potentially even reducing the number of components used for the battery pack as a whole by bringing reliable, long-term hermeticity to the cell level.

Range of SCHOTT Lithium Primary Battery Covers

Product variants

SCHOTT offers GTMS lid systems in standard or customized geometries for cylindrical and prismatic cell designs. To provide optimal housings for lithium batteries and capacitors operating in a broad range of conditions, our hermetically sealed lids are made of robust metals such as steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, all matched with specialty glass.

A prismatic and a cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell
Silver SCHOTT Ultracapacitor Lid
Silver SCHOTT Aluminum Electrolyte Capacitor Lid
Two miniaturized SCHOTT microbattery lids compared to a 1-cent coin
SCHOTT GTAS® lids for aluminum capacitors and ultracapacitors

Man charging an electric vehicle with woman looking on
News & Innovation stories

Maintaining capacitor performance over years

SCHOTT GTAS® capacitor lids can offer up to a 20% reduction in capacitor package volume, a 60% reduction in capacitance loss, and a 50% improvement of internal resistance, resulting in an increase in product longevity of 10-15 years.

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Two silver lithium-ion batteries

Battery leak-tightness critical to EV performance

EV applications present challenging conditions for battery cells due to vibrations of the car, heat, inclement weather and environmental elements such as dirt from the street. Therefore, it is paramount for battery cells to be leak-tight and hermetic for maximum performance and safety.

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Illustration of the inside of an aluminum electrolyte capacitor

Ultracapacitors – smaller designs with higher capacitance and longer service life

Aluminum electrolyte capacitors and supercapacitors are prone to electrolyte dry-out, which causes continuous deterioration in performance levels. This is often counteracted by oversizing or using two capacitors where one could be sufficient.

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