SCHOTT knows that outstanding quality, visual appeal and safety go hand in hand. That’s why we manufacture specialty glass and glass-ceramics for a huge range of architectural applications, from protection against radiation and fire to stunning glazing full of color and life for truly landmark buildings.
Exterior of an office building glazed with fire-resistant glass

Fire and Safety

While safety is always the top priority, creativity is a close second with SCHOTT fire-resistant glazing. Our PYRAN® and PYRANOVA® ranges combine the highest safety standards with creative freedom.

schott_solutions_2-17_xray_S30A, Doctor monitoring CAT scan procedure, 680979838

Radiation Shielding Glazing

Many medical and science centres rely on SCHOTT’s radiation shielding glass, which protects against gamma and X-rays.

Close up detail of windows in a historical building restored with SCHOTT restoration glass


When old buildings need glass replacing with authenticity and technical approval for thermal and sound insulation, SCHOTT uses a centuries-old process to produce historically accurate glass to restore them to their former glory.

Series of SCHOTT glass tubes used as an artistic installation

Design Inspiration

Whatever statements designers create, we turn them into reality. From stunning partitions to dazzling light installations and inventive interior features, our state of the art technology, versatility and technical expertise works wonders.

Exterior shot of the KOH-I-NOOR building in Montpellier, France, with balconies made with SCHOTT NARIMA® dichroic glass

Decorative Glazing

The exclusive range of SCHOTT decorative glazing gives a unique look to spaces and buildings, while the structured surfaces, extraordinary color brilliance and purity of glass inspire highly creative architecture.