Range of Reed Switch Glass Tubing by SCHOTT

Reed Switch Glass Tubing

SCHOTT’s innovative 8516 reed glass tubing is a pioneering design specifically developed for the encapsulation of reed switches used in a variety of applications, including automotive safety and home appliances. The glass enhances the strength of switches, increases reliability, and is easily customized.
Different lengths and diameters of Reed Switch Glass Tubing by SCHOTT

Reliable and customizable

Hermetic sealing with SCHOTT’s protective glass covers make reed switches extraordinarily durable and help them conserve power. The reed tubes also present high levels of cleanliness, enhancing their reliability, and are lightly fire-polished at both ends to achieve exceptional rim quality. Dimensions are customizable to meet individual customer requirements.

Autoclavable Reed Switch Glass Tubing by SCHOTT

Fully autoclavable

By using laser or infrared light, the open ends of the glass vials can be closed, creating a hermetic and reliably-sealed unit that is fully autoclavable.

We are certified

SCHOTT products are DIN ISO 9001 certified.

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