Range of white and grey glass powders in clear glass dishes

Sealing and Solder Glass Frits

SCHOTT glass has the capability to produce the perfect hermetic seal. Our offerings include sealing glass for extreme-heat environments and solder glass for lower-temperature applications. These highly reliable sealants have an exceptional track record in many sectors, including electronics and nuclear industries.

Diagram of the production process of glass powder, from molten to ribbons to powered glass

Quality down to the granular level

With more than 130 years of expertise in the development, melting, and processing of specialty glass, SCHOTT offers a large assortment of finely ground glass powders in more than 100 formulations – both standard and fully custom-made. Our state-of-the-art grinding facilities enable superior purity.

Selection of various glass powders, granulates and sintered glass preforms in different sizes and shapes

Exceptional sealing in diverse formats

Our highly durable sealing and soldering glasses are available in application-specific grain size distributions and formats. These include frits, granulates, and sintered preforms, as well as lead-free and custom options.

White glass powder in a clear glass dish

Product variants

SCHOTT offers a range of specialty glasses that fulfill an array of functions. Sealing glasses can be joined with ceramics, metals, and other glass types at high temperatures. Solder glass enables sealing at lower temperatures without thermal damage to the materials being joined. Granulates and preforms also deliver strong hermetic glass-to-metal...

More about variants
White glass powder in a clear glass dish
Granulates and preforms

We are certified

Our products are DIN ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001 certified.

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