The exceptional UV transmission and low thermal expansion of SCHOTT 8337B makes it ideal for analytical lighting applications, while its potential for fusing with metals offers high-quality sealing solutions for electronic components and sensors.
Small photomultiplier electrical component for copying machines


The process of converting light photons into electrical signals relies on photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) with high sensitivity to faint light sources such as UV rays. The high UV transmission of SCHOTT 8337B, along with its robustness and heat resistance, make it strongly suited for this field.

Long, thin lamp being plunged into water


SCHOTT provides a range of industries with borosilicate glass components for medical lamps, and 8337B is highly suitable for germicidal lighting due to its high resistance to solarization, as well as consistent and efficient long-term UV transmission. Cost-effective, high-yield lamp processing is also made possible thanks to the high dimensional accuracy of our tubing.

Active UV flash lamp equipment with Laser

UV flash lamps

UV flash lamps provide effective Laser pumping for UV flash lamps, but their efficiency depends on the tight seal between the glass in their bulbs and the metal electrode. By creating a tight, impermeable seal with tungsten or Kovar, 8337B ensures no contaminant gases enter the lamp, extending its lifetime.

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