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Pharmaceutical Cartridges

Robust, reliable and compatible with a wide range of devices, SCHOTT cartridges dispense drugs in exceptionally accurate doses for any medical situation. From treating emergency victims to self-administration by diabetes patients, they provide safe, simple and stable packaging.

Scientist inspecting a small clear glass pharmaceutical cartridge

Drug stability and accurate drug dosage

While other container formats require glue, SCHOTT cartridges simply consist of FIOLAX® Type I glass, and so have an excellent Extractables and Leachables profile. Tight inner tolerances ensure Container Closure Integrity (CCI) of your plunger-stoppers, while a perfected shoulder shape aids accurate dosing of the medication.

Scientist inspecting several clear glass pharmaceutical cartridges

Dedicated to Performance

Extremely tight dimensions, superior break resistance and excellent surface quality result in advanced processing capability and reliable device compatibility to deliver what matters most: patient safety.

A series of clear glass pharmaceutical cartridges made by SCHOTT

Product variants

SCHOTT offers a broad range of cartridge geometries, as well as tighter tolerance for high accuracy. For the ultimate protection, choose SCHOTT Break Resistant, a cartridge that’s three times as strong as standard cartridges, while for safe drug reconstitution and delivery, choose SCHOTT Double Chamber.

Single clear glass SCHOTT Cartridge Double Chamber pharmaceutical cartridge with three alternative openings
Single clear glass SCHOTT Cartridge BR (Break Resistance) pharmaceutical cartridge printed with color pattern

Recognized by independent juries

SCHOTT's Biotech Portfolio within its glass primary packaging was recently recognized at the ghp Biotechnology Awards, winning the Best Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Suppliers Award. Find out more:

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