Curved glass tubes of a photobioreactor


As one of the world’s leading experts in specialty glass and glass-ceramics, SCHOTT combines 130 years of experience with unique processing capabilities and innovative technology to set new standards in a vast range of industries. Our deep knowledge of glass helps our customers achieve their full potential.

Our expertise

Melting laboratory

Technology and processing

Our expert knowledge of all major processing techniques results in a broad portfolio of products that use the finest materials for the best performance.

Technology and processing
Molecular structure


Glass is fascinating and extremely versatile. Discover the range of glass and polymer materials with which SCHOTT creates innovative solutions, applications and products.

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Close up of molten glass

Glass melting and hot forming

Advanced melting technologies create glass and glass-ceramic products that excel at the most complex of challenges.

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Black and white image of man in black top with blue rectangles

Next-generation vials

SCHOTT developed the modular vial concept SCHOTT EVERIC®. The ultra-pure vials offer a packaging solution that serves individual drug and patient needs.

Four smartphones featuring foldable screens

A foldable glass revolution

With Xensation® Flex, SCHOTT introduced the first ultra-thin glass (UTG) with the ability to be chemically toughened. It is enabling what was once a key technical barrier for foldable displays.

Diagram of two exhaust pipes with fire coming out, with embedded sensor

More compact designs for high-temperature sensors

Innovative glass-ceramic materials enable the development of sensors that can withstand extreme temperatures over 1,000 °C (1,800 °F).