A selection of SCHOTT hermetic windows, lenses, caps and discs

Hermetic Windows and Lens Caps

Thanks to in-house optical glass and sealing expertise, SCHOTT’s hermetic windows, lenses and caps are highly effective and precise gas-tight interfaces for the sending and receiving of optical signals. Used in a huge range of applications, they offer high quality for a lifetime of performance.
A selection of SCHOTT windows and lens caps of different shapes and sizes

Broad product portfolio for all requirements

As a world-leading supplier of advanced optics and specialty glass, SCHOTT offers a huge portfolio of high-performance windows and lens caps for fiber optics, sensors, LEDs, and other optical components that require hermetic protection.

Laser diode on a gray background

High levels of optical precision

SCHOTT Window Caps and Lens Caps meet the highest precision requirements for light beam input and output. To manufacture these components, the glass body and metal frame are molded together in a cleanroom environment to ensure the narrow tolerances of the optical properties remain uncompromised.

SCHOTT Ball Lens Cap

Product Variants

SCHOTT distinguishes hermetic caps according to their optical performance. Products include high refractive index ball lens caps and high transmittance window caps, as well as hermetic lens caps and hermetic windows. All products are fully customizable, with a range of options including size, shape (round or rectangular), flat windows, angled windows, and a choice of materials.

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Square SCHOTT Window Cap

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