Line of city buildings at night

Industrial and Energy

Industrial and energy systems must be reliable and safe, as well as economical and long-lasting, with continuous improvements to stay ahead. SCHOTT's range of glass materials and components help by solving reliability challenges, developing more cost-efficient systems, and enabling powerful innovations.
Wide shot of a large manufacturing plant

Components for Industrial Plants

SCHOTT products fulfil a wide range of roles in industry, from displays to sight and gauge glasses.

Man in white overalls and hat working in an industrial plant

Safety and Inspection

SCHOTT's expertise in fiber optics and glass materials advances safety standards to enable industries to identify hazards long before they happen.

Close up of an electronics system

Electronics and Microscopy

Our electronic packaging components and fiber optics are made to fulfill in extreme environments requirements.

Two rows of green glass photobioreactors

Green Tech

Sustainable solutions for a wide range of industry and energy applications are growing in global importance, and many rely on SCHOTT innovations and versatile products to achieve their potential.

Rows of electrical pylons with sunset background

Energy Generation and Transportation

Our products contribute to higher safety and increased efficiency.

Series of large Li-Ion batteries underneath five wind turbines

Energy Storage

SCHOTT's gas-tight battery covers, HF-absorbent glass materials and battery fuses enable safer, more efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, ultracapacitors and lithium primary batteries.