A pair of binoculars

Situational Awareness and Sighting

In a volatile world, a full picture of everything that’s going on around us is essential, particularly if you’re at the front line in keeping the world a safe place. SCHOTT has the imaging technology and materials to provide the defense and security industries with the fullest, clearest view possible.

Day Vision

Situational awareness in modern-day defense and security environments is heavily reliant on electro-optical technology, and SCHOTT has the optical glass and fiber optic portfolio to support any operation with the best possible vision. Many of our products are currently in service around the world in a wide range of advanced imaging applications, spanning the spectrum from digital imaging with collecting, transmitting and coupling capabilities to passive non-electro solutions for pure optical image transfer in line with SWaP requirements.

Night Vision

SCHOTT has pioneered night vision technology for several decades now. Our fiber optic inverter, or twister technology, is a key part of night vision image intensifier tubes, while our fiber-based straight-thrus and faceplates are vital for image enhancement. The extensive portfolio of SCHOTT Infrared Glass materials also enable a wide range of thermal vision sighting solutions. Common to all is the quality and reliability of our products, combined with our long experience and continuous development – now and into the future.

Camera and Display Equipment

In security and defense, improved vision provides greater awareness. SCHOTT products such as image magnifying tapers and straight-thru faceplates, bonded OLED displays for image intensifier tubes, and a wide range of lenses and coatings all contribute to the most detailed picture of any situation, and can be adapted for use across any number of security and defense applications.

Augmented Reality

As technology enables us to enhance our view with more information than our eyes can see, the potential for security and defense are huge. SCHOTT augmented reality products such as SCHOTT RealView® high-quality glass wafers for head-mounted devices or smart glasses can help in training and all-round awareness. It’s clear that such devices will be increasingly commonplace in the near future, making it imperative that we remain at the forefront of this technology.

Sighting Modules

When it comes to security threats, you need to have eyes in as many as places as possible, and SCHOTT works hard to help achieve that. Our experience in optics and optical fibers allows us to offer a broad range of products, such our family of fiber optical sighting modules that can provide remote images with low emissions and the best Field of View, as well as various lens coatings and filter glasses, protection windows and enhanced components for avionics and night-vision.

Infrared Windows

In security and defense applications such as thermal imaging and night vision, infrared windows are vital components. SCHOTT’s range of IR window materials combined with high performance environmental protective coating achieves a cost-effective solution for your precise challenge. We can provide Sapphire, ZnS (CLEAR / FLIR), IRG and IRC-1 products in customized shapes, sizes, finishes and thicknesses according to your needs.