A scientist inspecting a SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafers


HermeS® glass wafer substrates with hermetically sealed, solid through-glass vias (TGV) enable ultra-miniaturized, fully hermetic sensors and MEMS devices in Wafer Level Chip Size (WLCSP). The extremely fine-pitched vias enable reliable conduction of electrical signals and power into and out of the MEMS device. 
A magnified section of a SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafer

Ultra-reliable, chip-size MEMS packaging

From macro to micro, HermeS® TGV wafers provide electronic packaging for MEMS devices, including miniaturized applications in large-scale industrial and automotive sensors and medical equipment, in which medical electronics can be packaged to withstand body fluids and sterilization cycles over long periods of time.

Diagram of a chip-sized MEMS package using SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafers

Advantages over TSV and ceramic packaging

As glass has higher resistance properties, HermeS® TGV wafers can significantly extend the long-term efficiency of MEMS devices. Excellent RF performance and optical transparency are further advantages, while the superior miniaturization capabilities allow a 80% smaller foot print over ceramic packaging, as the TGVs can be directly attached to the silicon MEMS.

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