The reliability and performance of MEMS devices are reliant on the long-term robustness of the MEMS packaging technology. Sturdy materials and miniaturized design options make HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Vias (TGV) Wafers incredibly versatile, with key roles in the medical world, telecoms sector, and industrial and automotive operations. 
A tiny micro-electro-mechanical system with SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Vias Wafers

Industrial and automotive MEMS sensors

Manufacturing can be an extremely harsh environment for MEMS-driven devices and sensors. For example, pressure sensors on corrosive industrial and automotive production lines require the defenses of TGV wafer technology to survive the rigors of fabrication and operate at high levels of efficiency.

A satellite using SCHOTT HermeS® TGV Wafers for radio frequency operations


Communications systems benefit from SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic TGV Wafers because they provide outstanding radio frequency properties thanks to their miniaturized design and impressive hermetic capabilities.

Surgeons operating on a patient using medical equipment with SCHOTT HermeS® TGV Wafers

Medical MEMS

SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic TGV Wafers are ideal for housing medical MEMS devices such as blood pressure sensors and neurostimulators because the robust electronic packaging protects the equipment against body fluids.

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