Three SEFUSE® SF-type and SM-type Thermal Links


SEFUSE® is SCHOTT’s established brand of thermal links, which are designed to protect electronics from catching fire by cutting off electrical circuits in case of overheating. SEFUSE® thermal links deliver long-lasting performance and serve many applications, including home appliances, automobiles, and workplace electronics.
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A trusted reputation built on quality and safety

SCHOTT has spent decades developing and manufacturing thermal links to rigid internal quality requirements, leading to SEFUSE® becoming one of the most renowned, trusted brands of thermal links worldwide. SEFUSE® thermal links meet numerous international industrial safety regulations, including compliance with WEEE and RoHS standards.

Range of SEFUSE® SF-type and SM-type Thermal Links

Extensive product line-up suited to your needs

Our comprehensive thermal links product line includes the SF-type, which uses thermosensitive material as the thermal pellet, and the SM-type, which uses a fusible alloy. SCHOTT offers thermal link variants suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures and rated current to fulfill your unique application requirements.

Four SEFUSE® SF-type Thermal Links

Product variants

The SF-type and SM-type are the two main SEFUSE® variations. The SF-type is rated for high-current uses up to 15A, while the SM-type is suited for low-current applications of 0.5-2A (AC) and 3-7A (DC). Notice: BEAB certification will not be renewed after the expiration date of February 2022.

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