The long lifespan of PURAVIS® glass fibers is achieved through high chemical stability, which is vital for medical reprocessing applications such as autoclaving. Combined with high stability, this long lifespan is also a key benefit for outdoor applications, such as water fountains and swimming pools.

High stability for a long lifetime

Superior light performance

Thanks to SCHOTT’s unique tube draw process, the ratio between a fiber’s clad and core is controlled, ensuring a stable light output. The high purity optical core also offers a low attenuation – even for long-length applications – and so provides excellent transmission of white light.

Long-term stability

PURAVIS® glass optical fibers feature exceptional mechanical stability, which leads to high flexibility and very small bending radii. They also show significantly improved chemical and autoclaving stability compared to conventional fibers.

Natural color

The low dispersion of PURAVIS® results in illumination with high color uniformity. Due to this lower color shift, illuminated objects retain their natural color. The fibers also have a high refractive index to enable high acceptance angles, so can be used to illuminate large fields of view.

Optical expertise

SCHOTT’s expertise in optical materials is complemented by in-depth fiber optic knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of illumination. We do not just supply a light guide; we supply a complete solution for a specific application.

General Data

Table showing the general data of SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers



Graphic showing the transmission of SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers

Numerical Aperture

Graphic showing the numerical aperture of SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers

Temperature Stability

Table showing the temperature stability of SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers

Chemical Stability

Graphic showing the chemical stability of SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers

Mechanical Stability

Graphic showing the mechanical stability of SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers

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