NEXTREMA® ist eine technische Glaskeramik Materialplattform, geeignet für unterschiedliche industrielle und kommerzielle Anwendungen


When you need a unique material to turn your product ideas into reality, NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is a game-changer. Impressive thermal shock resistance and other properties make it ideal for a range of industrial and domestic applications, allowing engineers and designers to find their ideal solution.
NEXTREMA®: Sechs unterschiedliche Glaskeramiktypen

Creativity unbound

Key to this collection is the choice of formats and colors: tinted, transparent, translucent white, translucent bluegrey, opaque grey, and opaque white. Product creativity comes as standard with NEXTREMA®, as it's available in formats as large as 1950 mm x 1100 mm with a choice of thicknesses from 2-6 mm.

Heatscopre PURE Infrarotstrahler mit verformter NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik

Broad transmission spectrum

Superb infrared transmission credentials make NEXTREMA® the go-to material for covers on patio heaters, electric barbecues, infrared saunas, as well as industrial processes including paint-drying and soldering work.


Product variants

Each of the six different types of NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic has its own unique set of properties, offering a range of benefits for industrial or product design. From the high heat resistance of NEXTREMA® opaque white to the outstanding temperature shock resistance of NEXTREMA® transparent, discover which one is right for you.

More about variants
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® transparente Glaskeramik
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® translucent white Glaskeramik
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® opaque white Glaskeramik
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® tinted Glaskeramik
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® translucent bluegrey Glaskeramik
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® opaque grey Glaskeramik

1 Applies to NEXTREMA® opaque white for 1 hour at 950°C homogenous heating. For inhomogeneous heating and other NEXTREMA® variants, the operating temperature may vary.
2 Applies to NEXTREMA® transparent. Tested by quenching a homogeneously heated NEXTREMA® transparent panel (820°C) with room temperature water (20°C). Values may differ for other NEXTREMA® variants.

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Lots of warmth, less glare. One solution.

The HEATSCOPE® PURE from Munich Home Systems was made possible through a close cooperation with SCHOTT NEXTREMA® and developed to address specific requirements.
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The future belongs to SmartLabs

A new concept from the Technical University (TU) of Dresden shows what is now possible within the scope of digital transformation: a modular laboratory that can be changed at any time. SmartLabs – flexible, communicative and digitally connected. With NEXTREMA® of course.
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Turning up the heat

Discover how SCHOTT NEXTREMA® is changing the world of outdoor grilling.
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News & Innovation stories

NEXTREMA® goes from strength to strength

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of SCHOTT NEXTREMA®, the versatile glass-ceramic material platform that is now used in applications such as industrial furnaces, infrared (IR) heater covers, and even the lids of barbecues.

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Lithium – the hype continues

Lithium is indispensable for state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries built into electric vehicles. Besides that, lithium is an essential ingredient for some specialty glasses and glass-ceramics.

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