When realizing an idea, the choice of material is crucial. SCHOTT NEXTREMA® has a vast range of properties making it suitable for a wide variety of uses. This high-tech material can withstand very high temperatures, making it ideal for applications such as IR heaters and industrial machinery.
Grafik SCHOTT NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik als Innenverkleidung in Hochtemperaturöfen
Grafik SCHOTT NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik als Heizstrahler-Abdeckung in Hochtemperaturöfen
Grafik SCHOTT NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik als Trägerplatte in Hochtemperaturöfen

High temperature furnaces

Thanks to properties such as excellent IR transmittance and thermal shock resistance, SCHOTT NEXTREMA® is a key part of the manufacture of AMOLED displays. Used as carrier plates, heater covers and insulation in high-temperature processes, the availability of large sheets of NEXTREMA® means it’s also used in a range of manufacturing industries.

NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik Heizstrahler-Abdeckung für industrielle Infrarot-Heizgeräte

IR applications

One major feature of SCHOTT NEXTREMA® is its favorable transmission in the infrared (IR) range, which makes it ideal for the protection of IR heaters in both the domestic and industrial setting. For the home, it adds a sophisticated design to patio heaters, while industrial dryers and soldering machines benefit from its resilience in demanding environments.

Transparentes NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik Sichtfenster im Grill
NEXTREMA® Burner Shields für Gasgrills

BBQ applications

With SCHOTT NEXTREMA®, the humble barbecue becomes a work of art, giving you the ability to see everything on the grill without losing valuable heat by opening the lid. With high temperature and thermal shock resistance, plus near-zero thermal expansion, the glass-ceramic gives a safe and reliable window on your grilling skills. NEXTREMA® is also ideal for burner shields, dispersing the heat and protecting the burners, as well as providing the material for a range of barbecue accessories.

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Morphy Richards Redefine Collection Glastoaster mit beschichtem transparenten NEXTREMA®
Morphy Richards Redefine Collection glass iron with coated transparent NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic

Household appliances

Small items around the home have been transformed with the addition of SCHOTT NEXTREMA®, creating modern, stylish appliances that give the user a thrilling view of previously ordinary tasks. The low thermal expansion and broad transmittance spectrum of NEXTREMA® means it’s ideal for appliances such as microwave ovens, toasters and irons, turning household appliances into stunning design statements.

Die NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik-Materialplattform bietet Designern neue Optionen für Produkt- und Industriedesign

Functional design material

With its wide range of properties and colors, SCHOTT NEXTREMA® is a designer’s dream, giving them the inspiration to create appliances, furniture and installations using the beauty and versatility of this high-tech material. Whether it’s for the home, office or other areas, NEXTREMA® offers the potential for innovative product and industrial design, with the flexibility to adapt to innovations.

NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik als Heizbett für 3D Drucker
Prozessbeobachtung ermöglicht durch transparente NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik
Heizlamellen aus NEXTREMA® Glaskeramik

Future visions

SCHOTT NEXTREMA® has so many unique properties and potential applications that its range of uses is almost limitless. Whether for the home, office, factory or laboratory, NEXTREMA® allows designers and engineers to create and refine new products and processes, opening up new possibilities for technology such as heated beds for 3D printing, process observation for food technology, and heating fins for comfort and visibility in cars. For more information on SCHOTT’s exciting range of innovation solutions or to discuss a new project, contact us.

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