Mood Lights

The possibilities for enhancing the in-flight experience with effective cabin mood lighting are considerable with SCHOTT’s customizable products. From subtle seat illumination to contours, walls and rails, our lighting takes passenger experience to the next level. 
Window portal from the inside of an aircraft enhanced with SCHOTT's mood lighting system

Design enhancement when space is tight

Passenger comfort can be improved significantly just by the feeling of being in a relaxing environment. SCHOTT's mood lighting solutions can be applied to window reveal lighting, grip rails, contour lighting around the cabin walls, staircase steps and handrails, aisle floors and toe kick areas, to offer practical assistance with orientation but also a feeling of being part of a more spacious, reassuring and restful environment.

Seating area inside first class area of an aircraft cabin highlighted with blue SCHOTT mood lights
Red SCHOTT mood lights around the features inside an aircraft bathroom
Silver and chrome stairway in an aircraft cabin with SCHOTT's mood lighting system

Seat and Monument Lighting

SCHOTT mood lights can be integrated into seats and monument areas such as galleys and rest rooms. Depending on the design of different seating areas, flexible fiber optics or curved LED strips with mood-enhancing colors can also be built into minibars, footwells or monitors – all with the aim of creating an on-board environment that’s restful, reassuring and esthetically appealing.

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