Seating area inside first class area of an aircraft cabin highlighted with blue SCHOTT mood lights

Mood Lights

When flying, light and colors can have a significant effect on your experience. On long-haul flights in particular, good quality rest and relaxing surroundings can make a big difference. SCHOTT’s integrated approach to interior lighting optimizes the subtle positive effects of your environment in the air.

Window portal from the inside of an aircraft enhanced with SCHOTT's flexible fiber optic line lights

Better design, stunning illumination

SCHOTT’s compact and versatile LED and flexible fiber optic line lights subtly illuminate the contours of a cabin. Their high and homogenous light emission and outstanding color characteristics offer a settling and restful environment for passengers. Our LED and fiber optic line lights also fit into small space envelopes and can run along flexible contours.

Single green-blue SCHOTT® HelioCurve flexible LED strip

Homogenous lighting for every corner of the cabin

SCHOTT’s mood lights offer high and homogeneous light emission with excellent color characteristics for perfect wash and contour lights. We work closely with airlines and aircraft designers to create bespoke lighting solutions, providing holistic approaches for illumination in all areas of the cabin – from the aisles to the rest rooms.

Bundle of SCHOTT® HelioLine flexible fiber optic light guides

Product variants

SCHOTT® HelioCurve flexible LED strips and SCHOTT® HelioLine flexible fiber optic light guides are two distinct but complementary products that can combine with other SCHOTT components, as well as aircraft hardware and software, to collectively create the best possible on-board atmosphere.

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Single green-blue SCHOTT® HelioCurve flexible LED strip

We are certified

SCHOTT Aviation Lighting is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for quality and environment, and EASA Parts 21/G for production.

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