Glass Micro Bonding by SCHOTT Primoceler
 A miniaturized retinal implant shown as an example of wafer-level micro-optics

Glass Micro Bonding by SCHOTT Primoceler

Glass Micro Bonding is a revolutionary laser-based process that enables ultra-miniaturized hermetic packaging for highly sensitive electronics in demanding applications. The technology is pushing innovations forward in medical implants, aerospace, MEMS, and micro-optics.
Rendering showing an all-glass hermetic package made with SCHOTT Primoceler Glass Micro Bonding technology

Ultra reliable hermetic sealing

Glass Micro Bonding is an innovative process that opens new doors for the wafer-scale sealing of electronics with all-glass hermetic electronic packages. The hermetic seal is formed using an extremely precise laser to fuse glass-to-glass by melting only the cross section where the glass meets – an area of just a few microns – while leaving all other surfaces untouched.

A comparison showing the extreme miniaturization of a pencil compared to a component sealed with SCHOTT Primoceler Glass Micro Bonding

Ultra miniature wafer-level chip scale packaging

Components sealed with Glass Micro Bonding can be as small as a few cubic millimeters. The technique has flexible implementation possibilities and can be performed on a chip-scale all the way up to wafers as large as 12 inches, making it simple and cost-effective to scale up for high-volume manufacturing.

We are certified

SCHOTT Primoceler’s manufacturing processes are constantly optimized to allow efficient production and component traceability. Our entire staff participates in further developing the ISO 9001 quality system on a continuous basis.

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Enabling Vision Restoration with Glass Encapsulation

NanoRetina announces successful preliminary results for its NR600 Artificial Retina Device using SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass laser bonding technology.
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