Gloved hands bending a structured glass wafer made from SCHOTT FLEXINITY®


FLEXINITY® is SCHOTT’s portfolio of structured glass substrates, wafers, and panels that deliver outstanding properties for applications ranging from sensing and opto-electronics to diagnostics and consumer goods. This helps to develop innovations that enhance function, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.
 Gloved hands holding a patterned structured glass wafer made from SCHOTT FLEXINITY®

High precision and reliability

SCHOTT’s portfolio of FLEXINITY® structured glass wafers and panels offers high accuracy and tolerances that are vital for precise positioning and alignment in the high-tech sector. Thanks to the superior strength and reliability of its structure elements, FLEXINITY® contributes to high yields during integration, increasing the efficiency of all its applications.

Gloved hands holding a structured glass wafer made from SCHOTT FLEXINITY®

Extreme versatility

A huge number of SCHOTT thin glasses are available as FLEXINITY®, including D 263® T eco, D 263® bio, MEMpax®, AF 32® eco and BOROFLOAT®. This offers a wide range of structured products with specific physical and chemical properties and capabilities for your existing or developing application, as well as a number of options for customization.

Product variants

SCHOTT’s range of structured glass wafers includes two key product variants: FLEXINITY® connect and FLEXINITY® mini. Both offer high geometrical accuracy and strong performance for a range of advanced applications, boosting efficiency and design opportunities.
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FLEXINITY® connect

The advanced FLEXINITY® connect substrate combines highly accurate dimensions with full design freedom for next-generation semiconductor packaging.
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With tight tolerances and outstanding edge quality, FLEXINITY® mini offers high-precision specialty flat glass in dimensions down to 1 mm.
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We are certified

We are ISO 9001 certified. The production of FLEXINITY® is constantly monitored and all our glass is subjected to stringent quality inspection before shipping. It also complies with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH standards.

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