TIKANA® glass is particularly well-suited for buildings in the Bauhaus style. Its slightly irregular surface harmonizes with buildings from the classical modern period. Like the other SCHOTT restoration glasses, TIKANA® glass offers every opportunity to link historical charm with modern physical building properties.


  • Historical appearance: replication of the original glazing materials
  • Irregular surface structure and no harsh reflections (like float glass)
  • Availability of larger glass thicknesses enables static analysis of larger formats
  • Variety of processing options
  • Suits contemporary needs of thermal, solar, UV and noise control
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General Description

SCHOTT Fourcault glasses: authentic, versatile, tested

TIKANA® is produced through the Fourcault process, that produces the distinctive appearance of machine-drawn glass with a certain thickness tolerance and wavy surface.

ETA (European Technical Assessment) confirms that SCHOTT Fourcault glass meets the requirements of the standards EN 12150-2, EN 14179-2, EN 14449 and EN 1279-5.

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