Access and functionality
I am not registered – am I still able to use the shop?

The Shop also offers all major information functions to customers who have not yet registered, except that you cannot place orders and cannot consult glass availability.

What are the advantages of registering for the shop?

As a registered user, you can check the availability and prices of our products, place orders and check your order status. In addition, you benefit from our special offers.

How do I register?

If you are already a SCHOTT customer, just send a short message to your responsible sales manager and the registration details will be send to you. If you are not yet a SCHOTT customer, click on „create account“ to apply for user access. We perform a validity check and ask for your understanding that we can only accept verified B-2-B customers. A private registration is not possible. To register new customers, your VAT registration is required.

Data security

On the shop homepage there is a link to “Data protection”, which provides details on our strict standards. Please consult with the relevant sales person if you have any questions.

What happens if I forget my password? Can I change my password?

If you forgot your password please click on „Forgot password“ to request a link for setting a new password. To change your password or user name, go to „Tools & Service“ and „My user account“.

Searching / Ordering
What does „alternative item“ mean?

Alternative items are not part of our standard portfolio and might not continue in production after they are sold out. They are generally distinguished by special geometric dimensions and/or special prices.

What do the colored dots next to articles mean?

The colored dots indicate the capacity to supply the individual items: A green dot indicates the capacity to supply the item. A yellow dot indicates that the item is currently not available. If you hover over the dot with the mouse pointer, it will display the restock date. A red dot indicates that an item cannot be supplied at the moment and that there is as yet no restock date for the item. You can always order these items and reserve them in your name. In this case our customer service will contact you to discuss further details.

What can I order online?

Available online are currently our standard pricelist articles. We endeavor to expand the offered online portfolio steadily. If you are interested in products outside the pricelists or need a quotation, please contact your sales manager. The contact details of our personal contacts can be found in the menu “Tools & Service”.

Which prices do I see and what advantage do I have for online orders?

For some products, we offer an online discount of 2% which only applies for orders placed online. You also have the option to purchase special SALE items online.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount for my order?

We reserve the right to forward small quantity orders to our commercial partners depending on the article. However, these orders can be placed in the shop. The forwarding to the commercial partner is subject to your consent. Our commercial partners are independent, and may offer different prices.

What happens if my company is located in Italy or Great Britain?

Companies located in Italy or in Great Britain are supported by our commercial partners in these countries. Orders can be placed in the Shop and, subject to your consent, transferred to the relevant commercial partners.. Our partners are independent and may offer different prices.

I have filled my shopping cart, but do not yet want to order

The shopping cart retains the products you selected, even after logging out. Please be aware that some of the items you have selected could sell out while you are logged out.

How can I cancel my order?

Please contact your responsible sales manager. The contact details of our personal contacts can be found in the menu “Tools & Service”. Your responsible sales manager will take care of the cancellation personally.

Payment / Delivery

The payment conditions stipulated for you shall apply. They are displayed in the Shopping cart after clicking on “Check Shopping cart” and are also on our order confirmation.

Delivery and shipping

The details stipulated for you shall apply to delivery (street, sea, air, forwarding company). They are displayed in the Shopping cart after clicking on “Check Shopping cart” and are also listed on our order confirmation. The shipping cost provisions stipulated for you shall apply to shipping. They are displayed in the Shopping cart after clicking on “Check Shopping cart”, and are also on our order confirmation.

Date of delivery

After clicking on “Order” you will receive an order confirmation by email, and a bit later the official confirmation of order. This confirmation of order is a binding confirmation of acceptance of order and delivery date.

Customer service
How can I see the status of my orders?

In the menu “Tools & Service” under menu item “My current order status” you can see all your orders from SCHOTT Advanced Optics as well as Processed Glass & Architecture worldwide. In addition, you can download documents such as order confirmation, delivery note and invoice in PDF format.

I am looking for technical information – where can I find it?

On every product page you find data sheets, catalogs, and comprehensive technical information. Please get in touch with your contact person if you have any questions. There is a list with the contact person responsible for you at “Tools & Service” under the menu item “Service” “Your contact persons”.

What should I do if my name, company name or address has changed?

In the menu “Tools & Service” you can make changes under menu item “Customer details”. Since the details must be cross-checked with ours, the change will not take effect for a few hours.