Sealing and Solder Glass

SCHOTT offers more than 100 SCHOTT standard glass types, different wet/dry grinding methods, and patented technologies that come together to form a wide range of exceptionally durable glass powder products. SCHOTT translates specific physical and chemical requirements into tailor-made solutions for a variety of challenging applications.

Superior sealants from a world leader in specialty glass

Superior resistance to harsh elements

Sealing and solder glasses produced by SCHOTT offer a variety of beneficial properties, including chemical resistance in highly corrosive conditions and outstanding stability in extreme operating temperatures of up to 1,040°C.

Reproducible high purity

To achieve the stable high quality our customers expect, our sealing and solder glasses are produced in dedicated melting and grinding facilities. We can provide all levels of output, from sample quantities to mass production.

Sub-micron particle size

SCHOTT glass powders are available in a wide range of particle size distributions, from an average particle size of 2,000 µm down to special submicron grinds.

R&D and production partnership

By working with SCHOTT, you benefit from close technical support and long-term supply security from a trusted and established supplier. We also provide active local support through our international presence.


Please refer to the tables below to choose the right sealing glass for your desired combination of materials. SCHOTT has a wide range of sealing glasses available in a number of different grain sizes.


Sealing Glasses for High Temperature Applications

SCHOTT Sealing Glass Specification Table.png 

*CTE = coefficient of thermal expansion    **p.c. = partially crystalline


SOFC and SOEC Sealing Glasses 

SOFC Sealing Glasses

*p.c. = partially crystalline

SCHOTT Solder Glasses

The choice of solder glass for joining different materials is dependent on four major aspects:

  • Desired soldering temperature
  • Thermal expansion of the materials to be joined
  • Operation temperature of the final application
  • Chemical behavior

Please refer to the table below for details on standard SCHOTT solder glass types. We have a wide range of solder glasses available in a number of different grain sizes.

SCHOTT Solder Glasses

Other matched CTE available upon customer request. 

All frit glasses are available as K3 powder. Grain size: d50 = 10 +- αµm, d99 ≤ 63µm

Other grain sizes available upon request.

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