Several samples of DUROBAX® clear and amber tubing


Robust and versatile, DUROBAX® borosilicate glass tubing offers high chemical resistance and delivers superior performance as laboratory glassware or containers for chemicals. Available in both clear and amber, the amber variant gives sensitive contents excellent protection against damaging UV light.
Six samples of DUROBAX® clear glass tubing

Superior chemical resistance for tough conditions

DUROBAX® clear has a high resistance to corrosion, so is ideal for chemical labware as well as medical, dental and adhesive ampoules. Its resilience and strength also make it suitable for demanding industrial environments.

Six samples of DUROBAX® amber glass tubing

Precise geometry for glass tubing

Maximum geometrical accuracy is vital for the effective large-scale automated processing of glass tubing. DUROBAX® offers consistently high precision in glass geometry and thickness, enabling the production of glass tubing in a variety of complex shapes to suit any number of applications and environments.

Several vertical samples of DUROBAX® clear and amber glass tubing

Product variants

Whatever your requirements, DUROBAX® clear and DUROBAX® amber present a choice of functions and benefits. DUROBAX® clear offers perfect transparency in the visible light spectrum, while DUROBAX® amber blocks damaging light to protect sensitive contents such as food and chemicals.

More about variants
Four samples of DUROBAX® clear glass tubing
Four samples of DUROBAX® amber glass tubing

We are certified

SCHOTT DUROBAX® clear and amber glasses are certified to ROHS, REACH and Food Grade standards, while SCHOTT Tubing plants are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 15378 (GMP), and TÜV standards.

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