ZERODUR® glass-ceramic has been one of SCHOTT's most unique and extraordinary products for over 50 years. With an extremely low thermal expansion, it's essential for a large number of demanding high-tech applications requiring exceptional precision.
Hexagon-shaped ZERODUR® glass-ceramic by SCHOTT

Highly accurate under extreme conditions

The extremely low thermal expansion of ZERODUR® is homogenous throughout the entire bulk volume, which makes it ideal for a large range of applications involving precise positioning or imaging under changing temperature conditions.

Disc of ZERODUR® glass-ceramic for telescope mirror

Impressive machinability from small to large

Thanks to its extraordinary machining properties, ZERODUR® can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, from tiny prisms to meter-sized mirror blanks. High degree light-weighting and surfaces optimized for bending strength are key areas of SCHOTT's expertise, which makes ZERODUR® ideal for space applications.

Range of SCHOTT ZERODUR® low thermal expansion glass-ceramics

Product variants

ZERODUR® is suitable for many high-tech applications, ZERODUR® TAILORED offers the best material for individual temperature requirements, and ZERODUR® K20 is suitable for your high-temperature applications.

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Four white discs of ZERODUR® K20 low thermal expansion glass-ceramic by SCHOTT

Factory workers pouring molten glass into a mold
News & Innovation stories

The superhero

The unique success story of ZERODUR® glass-ceramic, which has had a critical role in some incredible achievements in astronomy.

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High precision sensor on ZERODUR® glass-ceramic

Accurate to a millionth of a millimeter

How the low thermal expansion of ZERODUR® is enabling new ideas and innovation.

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The ELT (Extremely Large Telescope) observatory on the Cerro Armazones mountain in Chile

A window into distant galaxies

SCHOTT’s ZERODUR® glass-ceramic ensures that crisp images are available to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.

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