Sergio Aramburo

Quality Engineer, Bogota

Learning to become a better leader

In 2018, I volunteered to take on a project called the Early Career Program. The project team consisted of people with different professional backgrounds and expertise from South America, Europe, and Asia. Several challenges came up, such as organizing the team, meeting with customers, collecting information, and so on. 

To cut a long story short, I lacked the experience to lead and inspire my team to accomplish the results expected by the management. This is the reason why I call my leadership at the beginning of the project a personal defeat. However, this was exactly what made me think about the kind of leader I wanted to be, and how I could convey the lessons I learned on a daily basis. In the end, a good leader is not a person who gives you instructions, but someone who inspires you to be your better self. That is what I am aiming for. 

Sergio Aramburo, Quality Engineer, SCHOTT

Overcoming obstacles for professional growth

Despite the initial difficulties, we have managed to overcome various obstacles and pushed ourselves by applying and learning methodologies. This has helped us to grow on a professional and personal level. Nowadays we constantly try to grow beyond ourselves and apply our Growth Culture principles, as they will help us master all upcoming challenges together as a team.

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