Glass Micro Bonding by SCHOTT Primoceler

Glass Micro Bonding by SCHOTT Primoceler

Miniaturization, enhanced functionality, and performance in harsh environments are becoming standard requirements for electronic components. Using a laser-based approach that delivers high precision, Glass Micro Bonding is opening new doors in hermetic sealing for applications that are shaping our future.

A new breed of ultra-miniature and reliable hermetic sealing

Gas-tight sealing

Glass Micro Bonding creates a fully hermetic seal, offering complete protection for encapsulated components – even in harsh and inaccessible environments.


The latest technological developments offered by SCHOTT Primoceler enable chip-size components smaller than 1 millimeter.

RF Transparency

Transparent glass encapsulation eliminates the need for wired connections as radio frequencies (RFs) can travel through the all-glass package. This reduces bulk and complexity in device designs while allowing devices be Internet-connected by emitting and receiving over-the-air data signals.

Flexible customization

SCHOTT Primoceler R&D experts will work with you at every step – from concept to volume production – to overcome your development challenges to create a customized component.


Up to the challenge: SCHOTT Primoceler Glass Micro Bonding is a proven superior alternative to existing sealing methods including anodic bonding, direct/fusion bonding, glass frit or epoxy (UV or thermal) encapsulation.


Information table comparing hermetic Glass Micro Bonding technology by SCHOTT Primoceler to other established sealing technologies

SCHOTT Primoceler can utilize HermeS® Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafers for feedthrough requirements.


Table showing figures and information for SCHOTT HermeS wafers that can be used in hermetic SCHOTT Primoceler Glass Micro Bonding

Bonding principle

SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass-to-glass sealing is done with a laser at room temperature without any additive materials.

Two diagrams showing the difference between SCHOTT Primoceler Glass Micro Bonding and other bonding methods

Wafer-level process

SCHOTT Primoceler’s Glass Micro Bonding is a highly efficient wafer-level process that delivers high replicability, smaller device size, and more devices per wafer than conventional processes.


Comparison diagram showing the difference between SCHOTT Primoceler advanced wafer-level packaging and conventional wafer-level packaging

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