ROBAX® IR SuperMax: efficient, clean and sustainable

Thursday, 12 November 2020, Mainz, Germany

  • The next generation of coatings for glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels from SCHOTT.
  • ROBAX® IR SuperMax is a heat-reflective coating that reflects significantly more infrared- or heat radiation back into the combustion chamber than an uncoated fire-viewing panel.
  • As a result, combustion can be more efficient and produces fewer emissions without losing the performance of the coating over the almost entire lifetime of the stove. Thanks to the pyrolysis-like effect of the SCHOTT innovation, the viewing pane also remains significantly cleaner.
There are many things to consider when designing a fireplace. In general, of course, the higher the energy efficiency and the lower the emissions, the better. With IR SuperMax, SCHOTT ROBAX® is now setting the course for new standards and is supplementing its "Smart Heat" IR portfolio. Just like ROBAX® IR Max, the new coating radiates the heat energy emitted by fire and embers through the fire-viewing panel back into the combustion chamber and this significantly more than an uncoated viewing panel. The international technology group SCHOTT has thus succeeded in drastically improving the reflection performance.
 Graphic showing the heat reflectance of the SCHOTT ROBAX® IR SuperMax coating
The ROBAX® IR SuperMax coating offers the highest refection within the SCHOTT ROBAX® Smart Heat portfolio. Graphic: SCHOTT

This has several positive effects on energy efficiency and emissions. Since less heat escapes to the outside, the combustion process can run much more efficiently due to the increased temperatures in the combustion chamber. Because of the higher reflection, this is especially true for fireplaces with one or more glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels. The additionally gained energy can then be used as storage energy or for heating water-bearing components, helping consumers save on heating costs. The increased heat reflection can also help reduce particulate emissions and the new coating can compensate for certain user errors.  For example, incorrect air settings or the use of too little fuel.  While the effect of a catalyst in the fireplace can also be significantly improved.

Cozy warmth, less dirt

The new coating is particularly suitable for use in low-energy or passive houses. Because of the good thermal insulation, the living space can quickly overheat if too much heat radiates from the fireplace. In this case, furniture, carpets, curtains or walls in the surrounding area become unpleasantly hot. With ROBAX® IR SuperMax, the lower heat radiation reduces the temperatures in front of the fireplace and the living space does not overheat but stays pleasantly and constantly tempered. Allowing home owners to get closer to the fireplace for maximum coziness. And it can improve the design and space planning of the fireplace near furniture or walls without any safety concerns (distance can be halved in comparision to uncoated ROBAX® fire-viewing panels in the ideal case). Living spaces become more cozy and comfortable for families to enjoy.

"In addition to atmosphere and efficiency, consumers are particularly interested in the easy-to-clean fireplace, as this is the only negative aspect of fire-viewing panels for them. Our most recent survey has shown this once again," explains Isabel Breit, Head of Marketing at SCHOTT ROBAX®. ROBAX® IR SuperMax also has an answer to this question. Due to the higher temperatures in the combustion chamber, the inside of the glass-ceramic panel heats up, providing a pyrolytic-like effect. The higher temperatures can lead to less soot depositing on the surface of the panel, resulting in reduced cleaning time. And more time to enjoy the unclouded view of the blazing flames – for maximum relaxation.  "With ROBAX® IR SuperMax, we succeed in this: More energy efficiency for the environment and more comfort for everyday use of the fireplace," concludes Breit. ROBAX® IR SuperMax is at the forefront of the development of heat-reflecting coatings by SCHOTT ROBAX® and rounds out the SCHOTT ROBAX® "Smart Heat" IR portfolio.

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Female SCHOTT engineer inspecting a glass-ceramic panel coated with ROBAX® IR SuperMax

Thanks to the pyrolysis-like effect, the coated glass-ceramic ROBAX® IR SuperMax might soot less and is easier to clean. Image: SCHOTT

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