A man holding a pink laser glass rod.

#FTPS: Finding the Perfect Solution

That's our commitment to finding the perfect solution to tomorrow's challenges.

We #glasslovers are always working on finding the perfect solution to tomorrow's challenges together with our partners. Be it a structured glass, an ultra-thin glass that bends around your finger, or an optical glass wafer that defies physical limits - such solutions are only made possible thanks to our FTPS spirit. We think this might be our greatest invention ever.

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#FTPS: A glass-ceramic that turns any stove into a design statement

Our innovations

Our company has a long history of close collaboration with our customers that can solve the most challenging problems. Learn more about these perfect solutions:

Man bends glass

Ultra-thin glass

SCHOTT UTG® is an ultra-thin flexible glass that is thinner than a human hair, can bend around your finger, and takes foldable phones to the next level.

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Augment Reality wafers

Glass for augmented reality waveguides

SCHOTT RealView® is a glass portfolio for augmented reality that improves image quality and makes waveguides ultra-flat and ultra-lightweight. These specifications make AR devices easier to wear than ever before.

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Hands holding glass wafer

Structured glass for sensors and semiconductors

FLEXINITY® is a structured glass portfolio that can bond perfectly to silicon, carries structures in micron-grade tolerances, and takes semiconductors and sensors to the next level.

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Perfect solutions to tomorrow's challenges

A woman looking at a black tinted glass-ceramic.

ROBAX® fire-viewing panels. A perfect solution for modern fireplaces.

A man holding ….

FLEXINITY® structured glass. A perfect solution for pressure sensors.

FTPS: Augmented Reality wafers, Frederik Bachhuber (AO)

SCHOTT RealView® high-index glass wafers. A perfect solution for augmented and mixed reality devices.

A man holding up an aspherical lens.

Aspherical lenses. A perfect solution for projectors and camera imaging.

A man holding a pink laser glass rod.

Laser glass. A perfect solution for autonomous vehicles.

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