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The high-performance cover glass of the Xensation® series offers maximum protection for high-end mobile devices with its unique glass composition made in Germany. By introducing the world's first Lithium-Aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glass for smartphones, specialty glass manufacturer SCHOTT sets new standards in terms of break resistance and confirms its pioneering role in the smartphone market.
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Uncompromisingly strong

The high-performance cover glass of the Xensation® series is designed for real-life use. Its outstanding physical and chemical properties provide an exceptionally high level of stability for mobile devices. Compared to other premium cover glass, Xensation® is far less prone to breakage and can withstand even the toughest conditions, such as falling onto rough or uneven surfaces.

Sheets of Xensation® glass being produced in the SCHOTT plant

Unbreakability redefined

The true magic of Xensation® happens behind the scenes. Driven by the ambition to continuously push the limits of break resistance, SCHOTT dedicates unwavering effort to perfecting the composition of its raw glass for the exceptionally robust cover glass. Laboratory tests that closely mimic real-world usage scenarios, reveal the impressive performance of the revolutionary Xensation® series.

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Product variants

The glass composition and processing of the Xensation® series are designed to withstand even the most adverse conditions. Xensation® α is our most drop-resistant cover glass made from robust LABS glass. Xensation® Up. has already proven itself as a versatile all-rounder in millions of smartphones.

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We are certified

The production site of SCHOTT in Jena, Germany, is certified by LRQA according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. SCHOTT exclusively offers Xensation® raw glass for mobile devices to glass processors for further processing.

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Jacqueline Engelmann

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