Male doctor talking to female patient sitting on MRI equipment in front of a display

Radiation Shielding Glazing

SCHOTT’s expertise and experience has helped develop secure glass solutions to protect against harmful radiation. In partnership with the customer, these can be modified or customized to meet individual needs, blending high safety standards with functionality and design.

Mobile Shields

While safety remains paramount, versatility to suit the needs of the individual customer is vital. SCHOTT delivers a large range of radiation shielding glass options, all providing excellent protection against scattered x-rays. Designed for medical uses such as mammography, RD 30® is available in a large range of shapes and dimensions.

Windows and Separation Walls

SCHOTT’s high-density RD 50® radiation shielding glass offers outstanding protection against gamma and x-rays, making it the ideal choice for windows and separation walls where harmful radiation is a risk. Meeting all national and international standards, RD 50® can be produced in any geometric shape and bespoke sizes on request.