White modern bathroom with free-standing bath


A bathroom that makes a real statement needs SCHOTT glass to really shine. Our products can turn functional appliances into stunning features, boost hygiene and inspire new designs. SCHOTT materials also play hidden roles in the bathroom, whether in electronic components or bioactive cosmetic products.


When used in the bathroom, glass has the advantage of hygienic qualities, easy-clean surfaces, and unrivalled attractiveness. That’s why SCHOTT manufactures a wide range of sanitary products, including glass panels for toilets, control devices for shower panels, heating circuits on glass for towel warmers and even jet discs for shower heads. SCHOTT also offers the potential for color printing and tailored designs that are a major bonus for bathroom designers.

Washing Machines

The strong chemical resistance and security strength of SCHOTT glass make it the ideal material for washing machine tops and decorative panels. Like most SCHOTT products, the glass is fully customizable, with the option of handle and frame assembly to fit to the glass. Within the appliance, SCHOTT’s renowned range of reed switch glass and thermal cutoffs also ensure safe and reliable operation.

Boilers and Heaters

Increasingly, high-end boilers and heating systems for modern bathrooms combine attractive appearance with functionality, and SCHOTT’s materials can help achieve these new design possibilities. Sophisticated glass technology enables displays and touch controls to be integrated into boiler and heater fronts, with processing options including multi-color and effect printing and edge design for flush-fit assembly. The superior compact look and user-friendly controls enable heating appliances to become an attractive part of any bathroom or interior design.

Beauty and Cosmetics

When it comes to beauty, personal hygiene and cosmetics, products from SCHOTT play a more complex role than meets the eye. Research breakthroughs in recent years have led to SCHOTT Vitryxx® bioactive glass powders being used as beneficial anti-aging additives in make-up, skin creams and deodorants. In addition, SCHOTT SEFUSE® thermal fuses have a safety-critical role, reliably protecting electric appliances such as hair dryers, hair straighteners and electric shavers in case they overheat.