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SCHOTT TOPPAC® Polymer Design Platform

People increasingly need personalized care, and medical providers need the freedom to give them just that. SCHOTT’s Polymer Design Platform offers the right selection of polymer solutions to better match individual needs, so you can always be confident that patients are getting exactly what they need.
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Our team of experts join forces to find the container that meets best your needs, no matter if it is a polymer syringe or a customized polymer container format. Not only are our containers offering a certain freedom in terms of the design but also do we give our best in terms of freeing from pain points when it comes to the application of the product at the end patient.

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Decades of experience in the field of polymer containers and our global footprint in various applications enables us to provide you with appropriate and reliable product solutions and to support you on the regulatory side.

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Product variants

The SCHOTT TOPPAC® offering includes a broad portfolio of primary polymer containers. As well as the extensive syringe portfolio with volumes of 1-50ml, our manufacturing and development process offers design flexibility and reduced time-to-market for customized products.

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Award-winning innovation

SCHOTT TOPPAC® unique was one of the winners at the 2018 Medicine Maker Innovation Awards. The awards highlight the most groundbreaking drug development and manufacturing technologies released onto the market.

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Tom van Ginneken, Global Product Manager for SCHOTT TOPPAC®
Tom van Ginneken

Head of Global Product Management for SCHOTT TOPPAC®