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Solar Cell Cover Glasses

The main goal of our Solar Cell Cover Glasses is to offer effective protection for space and terrestrial photovoltaics. As the world increases its reliance on solar power to generate electricity, the use of photovoltaics is becoming more widespread – not only on Earth but in space.
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Reliable protection against harmful radiation

Whether on Earth or in space, photovoltaics require technical solar glass for protection from harsh environments, as well as to sustain high transmittance in the visible spectrum of light up to near-infrared that increases the efficiency of the cell while shielding against harmful radiation.

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Flexible design to suit your mission

SCHOTT’s decades of experience and expertise in glass manufacturing allows Solar Cell Cover Glass to be produced in different thicknesses directly drawn from the melting tank. This includes ultra-thin and flexible glass available down to UTG thicknesses below 70 µm as cut-to-size substrates. Design opportunities are further enhanced by the availability of different coatings.­

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Product variants

SCHOTT’s Solar Cell Cover Glasses are available as two variants, SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 and SCHOTT® Solar Glass sphere, each one providing specific technical properties for challenging environments.

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Pair of gloved hands bending a sheet of thin glass

Reliable performance for the lifetime of a mission



We are certified

SCHOTT® Solar Glass 0787 is space-qualified to ECSS-E-ST-20-08C standard and complies with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH standards. We are also ISO 9001- and 14001-certified.

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