Interior designed lounge with a range of grey furniture

Interior Design

Glass offers a huge amount of design options for interiors, and SCHOTT can make them reality. On a purely esthetic level, our range of glass rods used as glass partitions deliver a stunning effect, while the unique properties of MIRONA® lend themselves to displays and stylish glass interfaces.

Partition Walls

As an alternative to traditional interior partitions, glass partition walls can transform an interior space, opening it up and offering the potential for artistic light installations. SCHOTT’s DURAN®, DURATAN® and CONTURAX® ranges of glass rods can give any room a fabulous futuristic look, while ARTISTA® and RIVULETTA® structured glasses are well-suited to shower partitions. They all have very high thermal shock resistance and lighting elements can be incorporated into the design.

SCHOTT MIRONA® transforms easily from mirror to display for a stunning effect

Hidden TV

SCHOTT MIRONA® is a truly exceptional material, instantly turning from a simple, elegant mirror to a high definition television screen with the flick of a switch. The effect is possible thanks to the innovative technology behind MIRONA®, which features a unique coating that enables light from behind the glass to determine its function. The glass is popular in high-tech homes with hidden TV screens, as well as modern galleries and art spaces.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing is ideal for galleries and museums

Picture Glazing and Showcases

Galleries and museums depend on high transparency, low reflection glass for picture glazing and showcases, and this anti-reflective glass can be used equally well. Whether it's for precious pictures or well-loved ornaments, glazing has an important protective role, ensuring any damage from light, bumps or scrapes is minimized. Featuring anti-reflective coating, strong UV protection and accurate color rendering, SCHOTT MIROGARD® is ideal for picture glazing.