Transport aircraft on the runway


The demands placed on glass products and components in the security and defense field cannot be underestimated. SCHOTT’s portfolio of glass products has the quality and scope to meet a wide range of customer requirements, combining security with the best possible view and highly efficient operation.

Protection Glass

SCHOTT has the experience to deliver materials for safe and dependable protective glass products with exactly the right material properties. High quality glasses such as BOROFLOAT® and Sapphire glass are exceptionally robust materials that offer a broad transmission range and can withstand extreme environmental conditions and mechanical stresses. SCHOTT’s portfolio of fire-resistant glass is also trusted by security and defense organizations around the world.

Cockpit Glass

To achieve the clearest view both inside and outside a cockpit, highly sophisticated glass products are required, and SCHOTT has the expansive portfolio to serve specialist aircraft needs. Our anti-reflective, protective glass combines protection in high pressure environments with optimized control of light. In tandem with sensors and electronics, the glass also shows precise position, speed and weather readings.

Display Glass

A wide range of security equipment depends on their displays, which need to be highly reliable as split-second safety-critical decisions need to be made based on their readings. SCHOTT’s Xensation® range offers very high impact and scratch resistance allied to a lightweight design, making it ideal for touch displays. In addition, our renowned and highly versatile BOROFLOAT® glass has been the go-to material for environmentally challenging situations for decades.

SCHOTT XENSATION® and CONTURAN® glasses deliver strong visibility for navigation displays

Cover Glass

For filtering images to maximum effectiveness or transmitting infrared light in touchscreens, modern cover glass needs to be strong, environmentally resistant and highly sensitive. SCHOTT covers all those bases with products such as Xensation®, which sets new standards as a super-strength touchscreen glass for high-end mobile phone.