FIOLAX® clear and FIOLAX® amber SCHOTT glass tubes for pharmaceutical use

Pharmaceutical Type I Glass Tubing

SCHOTT’s extensive product line of high-quality Type I borosilicate glass tubing has been designed to preserve active pharmaceutical ingredients to ensure their effectiveness.The product brands FIOLAX® and BORO-8330™ enjoy a second to none reputation as the perfect quality material for the production of syringes, cartridges, vials and ampoules.

A range of FIOLAX® glass tubing

FIOLAX® - premium glass tubing for packaging solutions globally

Patient safety relies on high-quality pharmaceutical containers, and FIOLAX® - as a source material for leading primary packaging solutions - provides an exceptionally low risk of drug container interaction. It offers superior chemical resistance as well as optional UV protection, making containers safe even for the most sensitive of biotech products. Since 1911, thousands of drugs worldwide have registered FIOLAX®.

A selection of vials, cartridges, ampoules and syringes made of SCHOTT FIOLAX® glass

Highest quality for each container

SCHOTT's Pharmaceutical Glass Tubing is the benchmark material for storing and dispensing a wide range of injectable pharmaceuticals, as well as sensitive biotech drugs and drugs that are vulnerable to ultraviolet light. Available for vials, syringes, ampoules and cartridges, FIOLAX® and BORO-8330™ fulfill all regulatory requirements including Ph.Eur. and USP.


Product variants

The range of Pharmaceutical Type I glass tubing features a number of variants. While FIOLAX® glass tubing (neutral / 5.0 glass) is the premium standard for primary packaging, FIOLAX® amber provides additional UV protection for light-sensitive drugs. BORO-8330™ is a high borosilicate glass (3.3 glass) commonly used in the US.

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 FIOLAX® clear
Two SCHOTT FIOLAX® amber glass tubes

The perfect pharma glass tubing - just 5 steps

The requirements for a pharmaceutical container are varied. SCHOTT Tubing offers a variety of glass types, specifications, and customizing options and meets the need for tailored solutions.
With our customer-exclusive Pharmaceutical Type I Glass Tubing Configurator we guide you through the whole process of finding the ideal glass tubing for your needs – in 5 simple and easy steps. Whether you need ISO standard sizes or require special sizes, coatings, or tighter tolerances, we will automatically show you the available options and provide you with a detailed data sheet summarizing all specifications. Register or log in here to start designing your perfect glass tubing solution.

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