SCHOTT FLEXINITY® mini offers high versatility for small glass parts, delivering highly accurate and strong components down to a few millimeters, equipped with high quality edges and the option to be through structured. The glass parts can be delivered in-frame, making them easy to handle during system integration.

A precise solution for thin glass components

SCHOTT FLEXINITY® mini is a brand new product that addresses the fundamental challenges of processing small and thin glass components for electronics and opto-electronics. It delivers all the outstanding features of SCHOTT FLEXINITY® in a tiny form, such as geometrical flexibility and outstanding precision, along with homogenous edge cosmetics and superior strength.

FLEXINITY® mini also offers the opportunity for µ-scale through structures and part-in-frame delivery that’s ready for preparation before system integration (washing, coating). Once your frames have been processed, the glass components are easy to detach, either automatically or by hand. With a freeform tolerance of +/-10µm at dimensions of a few millimeters, perfectly homogenous edge cosmetics, and the option to be structured in small parts, FLEXINITY® mini combines geometrical flexibility with the highest precision.

Small, precise, and easy to handle – but conventional singulation technologies are not the choice

Many industries, such as opto-electronics and semiconductor packaging, rely on small glass components with precise dimensions and high quality edge geometry. These components can be manufactured by a wide range of mechanical singulation (or separation) methods, which require wafer-dicing capabilities using straight and full-body high-speed wheel cutting.

Traditional methods for small-size cutting of flat glass below 10 mm such as CNC cutting, sand blasting or hollow drilling have limitations concerning the final geometry of the glass parts, and run a high risk of uncontrolled randomly distributed edge imperfections.  

The ideal glass component not only needs to provide homogeneous edge geometry and consistent cosmetic precision, but be delivered in an easy-to-handle and robust format that enables effective preparation for final-system integration.

Edge characteristics of FLEXINITY® mini - straight and smooth compared to other singulation technologies

Two glass discs, one with a sand-blasted edge, the other with a FLEXINITY® mini structured edge

Sand-blasted edge

Two glass discs, one with a sand-blasted edge, the other with a FLEXINITY® mini structured edge

FLEXINITY® mini structured edge

Comparison between a sand-blasted edge with a FLEXINITY mini structured edge
Microscope view of different structured edges

Key benefits

FLEXINITY® mini offers a number of key benefits when compared to products manufactured by alternative singularization processes. These benefits provide FLEXINITY® mini with a series of unique properties and features, which include:

  • Small parts
  • Accuracy and precision
  • High quality edge cosmetics and geometry
  • Freeform (almost unlimited)
  • A mechanically stable frame that enables effective post processing (washing/coating)
  • Part detachment on demand
Radar diagram of the properties of SCHOTT FLEXINITY® mini


As devices become smaller, the demand for space-saving packaging for opto-electronic components becomes larger. FLEXINITY® mini offers versatile, precise, and reliable small glass parts for packaging that are easy to handle and ready to integrate.


Gloved hands separate small glass parts from a frame

Luxury goods

Many high-end consumer products such as watches include specialty flat glass as a design feature. The contouring choices, through hole structuring, and in-frame coating options offered by FLEXINITY® mini make it an appealing choice for brands.  

Luxury goods

Glass components of a watch on a black background

FLEXINITY® mini enables different applications

Application areas can be wide-spread, ranging from housing and packaging of opto-electronic devices using geometrically simple glass parts  (see video) up to complex design elements for luxury goods. In the video you see that even small pseudo- 3D haptic elements can be realized.

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