Drug Delivery Systems: Vials

With the increasing presence of biotech drugs and cost sensitivity in the healthcare sector, drug delivery systems are constantly challenged with increased requirements from tighter regulation. SCHOTT's high-precision production methods and stringent testing result in pharmaceutical vials of the highest calibre.

The technical ability to take on any challenge

Outstanding processability

SCHOTT delivers vials with tight geometric tolerances thanks to 100% camera inspection along the process line. Cosmetic defect detection during tube drawing and an avoidance of glass-to-glass contact during container forming also result in low levels of cosmetic defects.

Reliable product shelf life

The high hydrolytic resistance of FIOLAX® and containers offers a consistently long shelf life for drugs, while in-house process development results in a smooth converting process.

Exceptional chemical resistance

SCHOTT’s impermeable vial glass possesses outstanding levels of chemical resistance and an excellent extractable and leachable profile, which makes for superior storage of the most sensitive biotech products, high-potency drugs and vaccines.

A range of options

SCHOTT has a wide portfolio of standard and customized vial products, as well as variants such as Type I plus®, TopLyo® and the EVERIC® family.

Dimensions and Cosmetics

With the ever-evolving significance of biotech drugs and cost sensitivity in the healthcare sector, drug delivery systems are contending with increased requirements from a market shift towards tighter regulations. Our accurate production and gentle vial handling processes facilitate tight dimensions and premium surface quality that reliably ensures your product’s shelf life.


We offer tight geometric tolerances:

Image dimensions and cosmetics

Table dimensions and cosmetics

Hydrolytic Resistance

Improved Type I FIOLAX® borosilicate glass – FIOLAX® CHR (controlled hydrolytic resistance) – with ultralow acceptance level

Extractables and Leachables

The selection and qualification of a container for a pharmaceutical product includes extractables and leachables (E&L) testing as per international regulations.

With EVERIC® pure, we offer a solution with a unique low leachable level, especially for low-filling applications.

With SCHOTT Type I plus®, we offer an inner coating with a high barrier improvement factor against ion leaching.


EVERIC® strong uses advanced geometry to improve the production process and protects the container throughout its lifespan. Developed using advanced computer simulation techniques, these vials benefit from improved handling at key contact points, reducing the risk of glass breakage.

Material / Glass Type

SCHOTT vials are produced using a choice of glass materials, each with their own individual properties for specific applications. These materials include:

  • BORO-8330™
  • ILLAX®

Standardized quality level according to ISO

The StandardLine includes:
  • Production in cGMP environment
  • Statistical in-process control
  • Dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels according to ISO
  • 100% camera inspection of dimensional parameters
  • 100% camera inspection of cosmetic defects in dedicated sites

Customized product specifications and quality levels

TopLine options include:
  • Customized dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels
  • 100% camera inspection of dimensional and cosmetic parameters

Available product variants are:

  • SCHOTT TopLyo®
  • SCHOTT Type I plus®
  • EVERIC® pure
  • EVERIC® strong
  • EVERIC® smooth
  • adaptiQ®

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