SCHOTT® Wearable Housing Components

SCHOTT® Wearable Housing Components

SCHOTT® wearable housing components are made using only inorganic materials (metal, ceramic and specialty glass), which makes them reliable, robust, and waterproof in a variety of environments. As well as strong functionality, housing components offer a stylish appearance, while their opto-mechanical design is ideal for healthcare monitoring.

Superior robustness and the ability to incorporate new functions

High reliability

SCHOTT® wearable housing components are waterproof, sweat-proof, and highly resistant to corrosion. They can also withstand extreme temperatures and high pressures.

Fast charging, magnetic charging

The case-back charging pins offer excellent electrical conductivity for fast charging. The case-back also allows wireless/magnetic charging via ferrous stainless steel contact pins.

High optical performance

Compared to conventional plastic windows, SCHOTT optical glass windows offer improved optical transmission. The unique multiple window design of our case backs reduces signal noise

Customization options

We specialize in providing customers with fully customized, top quality products and high-volume mass production. Customization possibilities include a range of shapes for optical windows and case-backs, and a choice of metals, including corrosion resistant and fast or magnetic charging.

Technical specifications

Customers can request other specific tests if required.


  • Metals: stainless steel 316L, PANACEA, Titanium
  • Ceramic 

Vacuum tightness

  • SCHOTT® smart seals use hermetic glass-to-metal sealing technology, which combines metal and glass to create vacuum-tight electrical packaging. 

  • Our hermetic packaging technology can meet the most stringent requirements for wearables (dive watches, for example).


Typical specifications required by wearable customers

Corrosion resistance

  • Salt spray test according to industry standards

Thermal stability

  • Thermal cycle: -65 to 150 °C for 15 cycles

  • Thermal shock (air): 250 °C for 1 minute

Mechanical stability

  • Parts meet industry requirements for drop tests


  • Excellent transmission for 350-1800 nm wavelengths

  • Windows, lenses, and coatings available for improved optical transmission and reduced reflection

  • Sapphire options are available

  • Options for glass filters and coatings


  • Charging pin set-up meets USB standards

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