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SCHOTT iQ® is a holistic platform to standardize ready-to-use (RTU) packaging components and improve the quality of RTU containers. With SCHOTT iQ®, development and delivery of high-quality injectable drugs becomes efficient and significantly improves the safety of patients.
SCHOTT iQ® portfolio with benefits

The holistic approach

The iQ® platform offers maximized flexibility, with a versatile portfolio of containers and closure components matching a broad range of filling lines. Complexity is reduced by speeding up qualification and installation with pre-tested and standardized packaging, while patient safety is improved using the highest quality containers with reduced cosmetic defects.

Chart showing the traditional and the SCHOTT adaptiQ® value stream

Simplifying fill + finish

SCHOTT iQ® reduces the traditional filling process. Washing and siliconization machines and heat tunnels are no longer needed as the ready-to-use containers already come pre-sterilized. Standardized tub formats also allow for quick and easy changeover between different container formats, which can all be filled on a single filling line.

The SCHOTT iQ® portfolio

Product variants

Available variants within the SCHOTT iQ® platform are adaptiQ®, syriQ® and cartriQ®, which are all packed in standardized tubs. These products can also be adapted and customized according to your specific needs.

SCHOTT adaptiQ® vials in a nest
SCHOTT syriQ® syringes in a nest
SCHOTT cartriQTM cartridges in a nest
Cost benefits of the SCHOTT iQ® platform

Award-winning innovation

SCHOTT's patented ready-to-use platform, SCHOTT iQ® is a previous winner of the prestigious Medicine Maker Innovation Award.

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Dr. Nicolas Eon, Global Product Manager for the SCHOTT syriQ® syringe portfolio

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