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SCHOTT’s optical products cover a broad spectrum of metrology requirements. We are able to work with customers throughout the whole production process, using our vast portfolio of glass types, components and filters to build a highly effective and reliable holistic solution tailored to your needs.

Optical Glass

With more than 120 different types of optical glass, SCHOTT stays ahead in this fast-moving photonics market by constantly innovating and developing new products. This ensures that we are not just setting the standards for the industry but offering a cost-effective, efficient service for our customers. With our optical glasses available in the form of raw glass, cut blanks, pressings or finished components, we have the range of services and versatility to deliver on a wide variety of customer requirements.

Optical Components

SCHOTT’s range of optical components complements our optical glass portfolio, enabling us to offer our customers a comprehensive service that includes lenses of all kinds, including spherical, and aspherical.

A wide range of SCHOTT optical filters are used across the metrology industry

Optical Filters

SCHOTT offers an impressively broad portfolio of optical filter glasses, encompassing bandpass, longpass, shortpass, multiband, neutral density as well as contrast enhancement filters. We also pride ourselves on working with our customers to achieve the right solution for them. A good way to start in this area is our filter calculation tool, which assesses your particular needs to identify the optimum custom solution.


Optical interference filters are manufactured by depositing thin layers with different refractive indices onto a substrate, and we can customize exclusive interference filters for our customers within the spectral range of 200-3,000 nm. The coatings of our interference filters have outstanding climactic resistance and highly stable spectral characteristics in terms of temperature and humidity fluctuations.

SCHOTT glass optical fibers and fiber bundles are entirely customizable to your application

Fiber Optics

Four decades of experience in designing customized light guides means SCHOTT offers unrivalled excellence in this field. Our glass optical fibers and fiber bundles can be drawn to a customer’s specific dimensions, with different end surface termination types, while our sheathing offers highly robust protection from mechanical and physical stresses. Meanwhile, our flexible image guides are ideal for applications such as industrial inspection of systems, and are resilient enough to maintain their performance in hazardous environments.