Angular bent ROBAX® panels

Whether installed as a room divider or a focal point, the fireplace is a central element of interior design. Fireplaces with large angular bent viewing-panels and little or no frame are particularly popular right now since the maximum view of the flames can be experienced from several sides, like a campfire.
Close up of the top edge of an angular bent fire-viewing panel with black frame

Complex construction

For manufacturers, creating a modern frameless fireplace with an angular bent fire-viewing panel is a complex challenge, since most panels come with a standard bending edge. This has a slight curvature at the outlets of the edge, which has to be considered when installing the panel in both framed and frameless designs.

The ideal solution

For the challenge of the multi-sided fireplace, SCHOTT offers a solution in the form of ROBAX® angular bent fire-viewing panels. Manufactured using a special bending process, the glass-ceramic panels have reduced curvature in the bending edge, making the edge much stronger, as well as offering maximum visibility of the fire from all sides. This ideal bending edge also makes SCHOTT angular bent panels easier to install and offers increased stability and breaking resistance.
 Roaring indoor log fire behind an angular bent fire-viewing panel
Thanks to a special bending process, SCHOTT can reduce the curvature in the bending edge. As a result, the ideal bending edge is significantly stronger, making it more mechanically resistant and easier to install in frame constructions. Furthermore, it improves the visual impression and significantly enhances frameless designs.

Standard Bending Edge

Two angular bent fire-viewing panels, one with a standard bending edge and one with an ideal bending edge

Ideal Bending Edge

Two angular bent fire-viewing panels, one with a standard bending edge and one with an ideal bending edge

The benefits of ROBAX® angular bent fire-viewing panels

SCHOTT ROBAX® angular bent panels offer six key advantages. Click on the dots to find out more. 
Line drawing of a home interior with fireplace
Icon Reduced curvature

Reduced curvature

Reduced curvature of the bending edge.

Icon Improved gas tightness

Improved gas tightness

Single panel rather than two flat cut-to-size panels offers improved gas tightness

Icon Improved visibility

Improved visibility

Better visual impression as the fire can be seen from several sides, almost like a campfire

Icon Easy assembly

Easy assembly

Simple assembly of the panel into the frame construction possible

Icon Increased strength (static)

Increased strength

Increased strength under static and dynamic load possible, depending on the fireplace design.

Reduced curvature

Improved gas tightness

Improved visibility

Easy assembly

Increased strength

Burning logs on a campfire at night

Bringing the outdoors in

Thanks to their soft bends, ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels offer an all-round unobstructed view of the flames and a more natural fire experience. This provides the feeling of an outdoor campfire inside your own home.

Large Bending Radii

The extensive ROBAX® portfolio includes fire-viewing panels in various shapes and sizes , with large bending radii in 30, 50, 54, 70, or 95 millimeters.

Differentiation possibilities

SCHOTT ROBAX® angular bent panels allow fireplace manufacturers to differentiate themselves through dense glass systems (instead of two flat panels), using more elegant and extravagant designs that would not be possible with flat viewing panels.

SCHOTT engineer inspects a ROBAX® fire-viewing panel

What our customers say

A number of well-known manufacturers have discovered the advantages of SCHOTT ROBAX® angular bent panels for their distinctive fireplace designs. Get inspired by the latest fireplaces from Ortner, Kaschütz and Brunner, who receive their SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels from our dealers Irlbacher and Mennes.
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"The design demands of our customers require models with angular bent panels, even in artisanal storage heater construction. The increased fire visibility that goes hand in hand with this demands the highest manufacturing quality of the corner panel. With the IDEAL Bending Edge (IBE), SCHOTT guarantees this requirement 100 %. Definitely the most beautiful fire viewing."
Manfred Huber
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"Nowadays, a really large and very transparent view of the fire is expected. Therefore, the design of modern tiled stoves has also changed significantly. Instead of a classic heater for the living room, today true design objects are in demand. The requirements no longer refer only to heating power, but also to modern appearance and the highest efficiency. That’s why we use angular bent fire-viewing panels from SCHOTT ROBAX®."
Christoph Kaschütz
Technical Manager Kaschütz GmbH
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"Since the very beginning, we have appreciated SCHOTT ROBAX® as a glass-ceramic. Because the product has proven itself, we use the panel in our HKD10. Due to the Big Bending Radius, optical accents can be set, a continuous viewing panel can be offered, and other constructive options are also possible."
Hubertus Brunner
Management Ulrich Brunner GmbH

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