When you are looking for the warmth and romance of a flickering fire, ROBAX® panels provide comfort and atmosphere. From interior fireplaces to outdoor heating for dining spaces, there’s a wide range of fire-viewing panels to choose from, all providing high levels of style, beauty and, above all, safety.
Large fireplace with round viewing-panels in front of a scenic view

Fire-viewing panels for indoor fireplaces

Pristine, transparent panels offer stunning, vibrant views of crackling wood, gas and pellet fires. Translucent black panels such as ROBAX® NightView warm and calm the intense color of pellet fires, while hiding sooty interiors when not in use. The decoration brings smart sophistication to any interior, enhancing a fire in all situations, from residential to restaurants.

Outdoor fireplace with SCHOTT ROBAX glass-ceramic

Fire-viewing panels for outdoor fireplaces

Fire-viewing panels by ROBAX® offer excellent prerequisites and properties for outdoor use. They enable a clear view of the flames plus effective protection from sparks and smoke. Whether in flat, curved or angular bent shape, the panels provide a safe, stylish and efficient solution for outdoor fireplaces.

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Gas fire with black SCHOTT ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions glass-ceramic panels with gold decoration in the background
Gas fire with white SCHOTT ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions glass-ceramic panels in the background
Gas fire with black grooved SCHOTT ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions glass-ceramic panels in the background

Interior panels for gas fireplaces and stoves

ROBAX® Magic with Signature Impressions creates beautiful reflections to make flames look larger and the fire chamber deeper. The result is a fire that fills a room with atmosphere. SCHOTT’s Magic with Signature Impressions come in a choice of colors (including black, grey, blue-grey and white) and surfaces (smooth, nubbed and grooved), with optional decorations such as gold marbling. All create stunning light and flame pattern effects.

Wood stove with SCHOTT ROBAX® Ambience black glass-ceramic exterior panels

Exterior panels for fireplaces and stoves

Beautifully designed and durable, ROBAX® Ambience panels give a sleek look to contemporary residential fireplaces and stoves. Available in a range of sophisticated colors, such as black and white, they are perfect for large-area and open-plan private homes, with the outer panels adding clean modern lines to interiors. They can also be individually decorated for a unique sense of style.

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