Reed Switch Glass

With an exceptionally accurate cutting process, optional contamination-free sealing, and quick sample turnaround, SCHOTT Reed Switch Glass is a must-have for switch protection.

Accuracy and consistency are our standard

Cutting-edge precision

The high-precision cutting tools for our reed switch glass products were developed by an in-house team to achieve the highest possible levels of accuracy and quality.

Contamination-free sealing

Reed switch glass is green because of its high iron content, which delivers considerable infrared absorption rates. This means customers can seal the glass in a totally contamination-free process by using light as opposed to flames.

Perfect composition

Reed switch tubing achieves superior accuracy in terms of glass composition and dimensional tolerances.

Quick, simple sampling

SCHOTT offers highly optimized and controlled reed glass manufacturing methods, enabling rapid and flexible sampling for custom-made components.


The fabrication of glass tubes is one of SCHOTT's key competencies. All high-precision cutting equipment has been developed in-house. Key developments in recent years include a focus on reducing dimensional tolerances as well as miniaturization. Washing and packing in modern clean rooms enables excellent cleanliness and direct usability in our customers’ processes.


The following table details the properties of SCHOTT's 8516 Reed Glass:  

SCHOTT Reed Switch Specification Table


Overview of available dimensions for IR tubes 8516*: 

  • Length from 7-50 mm**

SCHOTT Reed Switch Dimension Table
*Subject to change. Other sizes available upon request. 
**Depending on the length-diameter ratio.


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