NOVOLAY® secure and PYRANOVA® secure

While SCHOTT has a wide range of solutions for robust, reliable fire glazing with an emphasis on different security aspects, we offer two main product variants in the safety glass field. PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure both provide outstanding levels of safety but with their own distinct advantages.
PYRANOVA® secure

PYRANOVA® secure

This high-quality safety glass builds on the outstanding fire-resistant qualities of PYRANOVA® composite glass by adding a high level of protection against manual and mechanical attack, as well as a formidable level of bullet resistance.


PYRANOVA® is an acclaimed fire-resistant glass that fights the effects of heat and harmful radiation through enclosed transparent layers that intumesce in the event of fire. PYRANOVA® secure combines this technology with added protection against manual and mechanical attack, along with bullet resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1063.


  • Exceptional thermal resistance offers unbeatable protection against fire, hot gases and smoke and heat radiation. 
  • Outstanding transparency.
  • Robust impact protection and bullet resistance to shield against manual and mechanical attack.
  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses available.
NOVOLAY® secure

NOVOLAY® secure

In a world of uncertainty, NOVOLAY® secure adds a reassuring level of protection for people and property. It provides excellent levels of burglary-proof shielding from impact and manual attack, and offers very strong bullet resistance.


Manufactured using a microfloat process with cutting-edge techniques, this advanced glass laminate combines SCHOTT’s special float glass with a polycarbonate layer to create an exceptionally strong glazing material. In addition to exceptional homogeneity, NOVOLAY® secure possesses highly impressive optical qualities.


  • Attack and bullet resistant in accordance with DIN EN 356 and DIN EN 1063 class, up to levels P8B and BR7 respectively.
  • Engineered to withstand repeated attacks by a range of methods.
  • High optical clarity and low-iron glass quality.
  • Low in specific weight.

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