With superior reliability, excellent RF performance, high optical transparency and the option of anodic bonding with silicon, HermeS® Hermetic TGV Wafers have all the right properties to create compact and extremely durable MEMS-powered devices and sensors.

The range of exceptional HermeS® features

Countering threats to efficiency

The combination of strong materials and glass-to-metal technology helps MEMS equipment handle multiple threats, from repeated medical sterilization procedures to corrosive industrial production lines.

Longer-lasting components

The high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance of HermeS® glass wafers makes a significant contribution to longer service life for MEMS devices.

Miniaturization options

Since SCHOTT HermeS® Hermetic TGV Wafers can be attached directly onto a silicon MEMS, this allows considerable miniaturization in device design – up to 80% smaller than ceramic MEMS devices.

Quality assurance

Compared to TSV (Through Silicon Vias) and other TGVs, HermeS® wafers enable superior processing and quality control in the production of MEMS devices and final applications by matching the CTE of the glass material and the solid metal vias.

Wafer Specifications

Technical data of wafer
Wafer thickness 500 ±20 μm (min. 280 μm)
Wafer size 4", 6", 8"
Contact via pitch 250μm 200μm 150μm*
Contact via diameter 100μm 80μm 50μm*
Via density 50k* (6"), 100k* (8")
Via materials Tungsten (W) – combined with Borofloat®33 and AF 32®eco 33
Iron Nickel (FeNi42) – combined with D 263®T eco
(others available on request)
Hermeticity [≤ 1 × 10–9Pa · m3/s], [≤ 1 × 10–8mbar/s], [≤ 1 × 10–8atm cc/s]

*Under development

Glass Specifications

Technical data of glass
Glass material Borofloat®33 AF 32®eco 33 D 263®T eco
Coefficient of thermal
3.25 x 10-6/K
(match to Si)
3.2 x 10-6/K
(match to Si)
7.2 x 10-6/K
Dielectric constant @ 1MHz 4.6 5.1 6.7
Refractive index (@ 600 nm) 1.47 1.51 1.52

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