Functional Lights

Airlines understand the importance of illumination on board their aircraft, not just for safety but for its contribution to the overall ambience inside the cabin. Whether it’s clear light sources for in-seat illumination or lighting for aisles and work areas, the SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Light adapts to every application.

Single white SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Light in the ceiling of an aircraft cabin

In-seat illumination

In-seat lighting is simple to install thanks to the SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Light and its remote LED light source. HelioFlex Spot Lights offer a range of advantages, such as compatibility with all major aircraft and a choice of colors. As a cluster of spots can be powered by one LED light source, the system is also cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Aisle between seats in an aircraft cabin lit by SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Lights

Lighting for aisles

With the LED light sources neatly tucked away, SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Lights crisply illuminate aisle pathways. They can be integrated in double, triple or quad seating, with the fiber optic light guide conveying the light from the LED source to the aisle, where it’s emitted as spot illumination. The HelioFlex system is highly flexible and simple to retrofit into any cabin design, with products qualified for all major aircraft and a range of color possibilities.

CGI image of an aircraft interior featuring SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Lights

Work lighting for galleys and bars

The SCHOTT® HelioFlex Spot Light is the ideal safety lighting for splash zones such as galleys and bars. As the fiber optic design doesn’t carry electricity, there’s no current to come into contact with liquids. Its LED light source is also neatly tucked away, and doesn’t use up valuable space in the restricted confines of small work areas. The HelioFlex system is simple to retrofit, with products qualified for all major aircraft.

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