Thanks to its excellent versatility, structured FOTURAN® II is a key material in a large number of applications. Those applications include titer plates in microfluidics, power inductors in MEMS systems, and probe cards in semiconductors, as well as biotech and micro-optics components.
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Due to its excellent properties, FOTURAN® II plays an important role in semiconductor applications. Its easy structuring makes it highly compatible, while vias can efficiently be made on the FOTURAN® II substrate to a very high standard. These properties are used in components such as probe cards as an interface for the testing of functional semiconductor wafers.

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Components made of FOTURAN® II photo-structurable glass-ceramic can be more suitable for 5G applications than alternatives such as silicon. MEMS-based radio frequency (RF) passive components are often favored in 5G communications thanks to improved isolation, lower power dissipation, high integration and lighter weight. In such cases, structured glass-ceramic components offer benefits such as high insulation and low signal attenuation.

Diagram of the components of an infrared camera in a smartphone


SCHOTT FOTURAN® II has a vital role in micro-optics. After the post-processing stage, the suitability of FOTURAN® II for structuring makes it ideal for creating micro optical systems. 3D micro-optical components can be embedded in FOTURAN® II glass using a tightly focused FS laser beam or etching into the material structure – a process that’s useful in the production of optical waveguides.

Diagram of a power inductor in a MEMS system


MEMS inductors are relied upon in many areas of the electronics industry, and the emergence of power inductors promises to advance the field further. FOTURAN® II provides these devices with a small footprint (<0.75 mm per side), high Q factor and high self-resonance frequency. It also offers low-cost manufacturing, a wide range of inductances and high SRF (above 10GHz), along with current handling up to 5A.

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Flow sensors and IC packaging

Many industries trust FOTURAN® II to power existing products. It is chemically stable compared to materials such as silicon, while its structurability provides flow sensors with small thermal masses, leading to ultra-fast response times. The ability of FOTURAN® II to create high-aspect-ratio TGVs also enables highly efficient production of IC packaging elements.

Lab-on-a-chip system using micro-fluidics

Biotech and micro-fluidics

FOTURAN® II is widely used in the biotech and micro-fluidics fields. Excellent optical transparency combined with low self-fluorescence plus high chemical stability and thermal resistance make it ideal for reusable, easy-to-clean titer plates, while it also facilitates complex structures with biocompatible design for biochip substrates. Elsewhere, it can also be used in the production of 3D micro-channels within materials.

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