Flexible Fiber Optic Imaging Bundles by SCHOTT

Flexible Imaging Bundles

When remote images and hard-to-access locations need to be seen, SCHOTT Flexible Imaging Bundles provide a unique solution. Our glass fiber optics combine flexibility and high resolution with light weight. We offer a wide range of diameters and lengths to provide solutions for the most challenging conditions.

Two small diameter image guides by SCHOTT

High resolution images

High fiber count and small fiber size means better image resolution. A number of industries depend on very precise imagery to provide information that could change the course of people’s lives.

Large Diameter Image Guide by SCHOTT

High volume and high value for your application

SCHOTT Flexible Imaging Bundles are available to enable imaging in confined and remote spaces where other options are excluded. These are valuable in medical, defense and industrial applications.

Two small diameter image guides by SCHOTT

Product variants

SCHOTT Flexible Imaging Bundles are available in standard sizes as well as customizable designs. Variations in our high-resolution image guides provide options from extremely small to very large imaging applications. Medical image guides may be as small as 0.4 mm in diameter, while those for industrial applications are produced up to 40 mm.

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Large diameter image guide by SCHOTT

We are certified

SCHOTT offers high quality products and services along tight regulatory directives to meet your requirements as a manufacturer. Our fiber optic imaging bundles are certified to ASD9100:D, ISO 9001:2015 and MIL STAN 810G.

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